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iPad vs. Kindle

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

In my previous life, I used to breathe tech. Now, two of my favorite topics, reading and tech, come together in a big way with the release of the iPad, which maker Apple touts, basically, as the Second Coming.

The new “it” gadget lets users surf the Web on a sleek device that also doubles as an e-reader. Could it be the end of’s Kindle, which made e-readers mainstream a couple of years ago? Well, Apple introduced the iPad yesterday, and I’ve been tracking Amazon’s stock since then, and it’s gone nowhere but up. (While I’m writing this: AAPL down 3.2%, AMZN up 1.7%) Investors don’t seem to think the iPad will kill the Kindle, which as of now still has a bigger selection, and a running start. Sure, some people might start buying books via Apple’s new iBookstore, but there are those who have already invested in the Kindle and its ecosystem. Also, many Kindle titles sell for $9.99, while books on the iPad are expected to cost $12.99 and $14.99. That is not a negligible price difference for voracious readers.

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