There have been quite a few earthquakes in the Golden State lately, so I must update my emergency plan. This, of course, includes the emergency backpack in my car’s trunk. What’s in it: Clothes, eyeglasses, flashlight, non-perishable food items I no longer recognize. What should be in it: My worn copy of “Angle of Repose.” “East of Eden.” “Gone with the Wind.” Surely reading would sustain me in a time of crisis and despair.

As a mother to a 2-year-old, my proudest moment so far: My daughter looks at the Sunday paper I’ve just plopped onto our dining room table and says, “I want to read the paper, too.”

What I’ve been reading lately: Books, magazines and blogs about writing. Short stories. Plus the daily periodicals, of course. (Don’t ask me to name them, Katie Couric. You don’t have the time.)

Check out my virtual bookshelves, which I someday hope to update to include most of what I’ve read.
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